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Webcam spying is a serious issue that can threaten your privacy. Therefore we at Privatek believe that everyone deserves to feel safe online without paying a premium price. It’s hard to guarantee your safety and privacy with a software solution. Thus, we decided that a mechanical solution would be safer.

Introducing Slider™, a cheap and elegant webcam cover for your devices. It is a lightweight and thin webcam cover made of aluminium and a perfect replacement for the ugly tape everyone is using. With just a single slide, it is impossible for anyone to remotely access your webcam. If you want to use it again, it is just a slide away.


A mechanical solution

Compared to a software based solution, a webcam cover cannot be altered remotely, something which makes our mechanical solution a better alternative.

Hack proof

Your webcam cover will not move or stop covering your webcam until you want it to. Unless the hacker is inside your room, you have nothing to worry about!

Fast installation

Slider™ is installed in a matter of seconds! All you have to do is remove the 3M adhesive on the back and place it over your webcam.

quality materials

Slider™ is made of premium materials to blend in with the design of your laptop phone and tablet perfectly.

Ultra thin

Slider™ measures in at a meere 0.6mm thin, something which makes it one of the thinnest in the world. Any laptop can be closed with slider applied.

Cost efficient

Compared to our competitors, our webcam cover is the cheapest in its category. We provide an elegant design at the cheapest prices.

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About us

Privatek is a producer and retailer of high quality webcam covers. We want people to feel just as safe online as they do offline. Most people protect themselves by taping over their web cameras, however we think that people deserve a premium looking product which also adds a lot of functionality, without having to pay a premium price. Our goal with Privatek is to make people aware of cyber security and to get our product in hands of as many people as possible.

  • It was a pleasure to work with the guys at Privatek. Slider™ makes sure our webcams are always secured so that we can focus on the important things!
    Ovitas AS, CEO
  • Kuben High School chose Privatek`s product, Slider™ to strengthen our employees cyber security. Privatek has provided us with a friendly and efficient service, with ongoing information throughout the process.
    Kjell Ove Hauge
    Kuben High School, Principal


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